Michael Phipps

I love to create- I always have. As a boy, my friends and I would spend hours drawing creatures, mazes, robots and the like, or building marble chutes or massive Lego creations. To be able to make creativity my job is a dream come true. My career so far has been incredibly varied. Just to name a few: I've painted 33 foot murals on canvas and sent them to places such as New Zealand; created book, playbill and CD covers (for some really great bands, I might add!); created custom Egyptian-style stone portraits of a couple for their home; designed a stainless steel headstone and much more. I'll even have some T-shirt designs appearring on a very popular sitcom in the next few months. Things are good!

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Utah, 2001

Awards: Society of Illustrators - Certificate of Merit; Communication Arts - Award of Excellence; Luerzer's Archive Special - "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide '07/'08"; Appeared in "Spectrum 15 - The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art"; Cedar Fort, Inc. - Best Illustrations in a Young Adult Series (Jimmy Fincher Illustrations)