Welcome to Michael Phipps' art and illustration page. I create unique book and CD illustrations, murals, posters, screen printed apparel, commissioned fine art and more. Please contact me with queries about commissions or with any other questions.

News and Updates:

***I have a new art print shop on Etsy called Scatterbrain Prints, showcasing my more line-oriented art. It features the ever popular Dapper Fox, surreal forests, odd instruments and more. I have some not-so-new shops featuring these same designs on T-shirts and Neckties, too.

***I recently created an album cover for one of my favorite current bands, Oblivion Sun. Needless to say I was exstatic to get the opportunity. You can buy their new album with my artwork at Wayside Music, Amazon and several other retailers. See the cover in the gallery.

***Upcoming contests and auctions. Coming soon, I'll be doing a giveway to promote my new art print shop, with prizes worth up to $500. I'll also be doing an auction for the 20 Jimmy Fincher pencil illustrations as well as an alternate cover painting for book 2. Check back soon for details on both events! 

***Welcome to my new web site! The old Flash based site was hard to update so the "News and Updates" section had some very old news. I'm excited to now be able to share new projects and commissions as they are happening. Be sure to check out the gallery page while you're here.